Electrical / Mechanical Services
Our electrical services concentrate on several different verticals in the electrical sector and these are:


This section specifically concentrates on electrical and mechanical maintenance. We do total site maintenance, where we have an onsite office that works on a twenty four hour basis to provide comprehensive maintenance of stations. We have further developed an On-call emergency response for your electrical systems. Our emergency response team is trained to handle services from High voltage to regular voltage. Our maintenance teams are well trained and go through regular orientations which enable them to act accurately in emergency situation.

New installations

This section actively concentrates on new installations in housing, factories, and office blocks. Kinetic Controls Limited has all the relevant licenses to undertake jobs of all magnitude and trained skill set who undertake the projects with minimum supervision. The key to our success is that we always ensure that highest quality is always maintained all levels. This includes material procurement, installations and workmanship.


Our High tension service specifically concentrates on transformer and substation maintenance and mobile oil testing for your transformer. This service is dedicated to serve industries with their own transformers and substations as we know that the substation is the heart of any industry. We noticed the lack of specialized services in this vertical, thus we have invested in the state-of-the-art equipment and well trained skill set.

Our transformers services include:
  • Mobile oil filtration/ on site                     
  • Degassing of oil                                       
  • Di-electric oil testing  
  • pH in oil testing  
  • Pressure testing  
  • Logistics and transportation equipment