Kinetic Controls Ltd was established in 1985 under the name Kinetic Systems, with the sole purpose of providing specialized services in the installation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment. Our company boasts of a vast experience spanning over 30 years in Electrical/ Mechanical maintenance services, having undertaken megaprojects for reputable organizations and our record clearly speaks for itself. 


Our professional team is a pool, not only of experts but of vast experience; a highly renascent ,robust, up-to task personnel who are well equipped and ready for duty at all times and our fully packed daily itinerary speaks much about the robustness of our team.


We are an innovative, creative and forward-looking Electrical/Mechanical Consulting and Contracting company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are Specialists in design, implementation and Maintenance of High/Medium Voltage Electrical power distribution systems as well as all forms of mechanical/electrical equipment and Security/Fire Alarm systems.

We are registered with the Ministry of Energy and Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) as a Class ‘A’ Electrical contractor and Class A Ministry of Works Kenya, which is the highest grading for electrical contractors. This allows us to undertake any type of Electrical Works and maintenance without limitation.

As a company, we are not just interested in the completion of a project but our policy is compliance with the professional ethics, codes and standards. To thiseffect, safety is our priority. We believe that safety, if observed to the set standards is a motivation not only to our team but our clientele as well.